Seeing the Invisible

Superpower Vision for Humans

Quantum Sensing

Quantum sensing is a new research area at Aperis, rooted in decades of experience with particle physics, cryogenics, superconductors and supercomputers. Our goal is to harness a quantum advantage in signal processing and image processing for vision and radar applications. We welcome university and government collaborations in this area. Please contact us to learn more.

6K Thermal

The Aperis patented thermal sensor architecture offers the world’s first 6K wide area thermal sensor solution based on  ultra compact, ultra-sensitive microbolometer technology offering remarkably low cost. We utilize a compact 10-micron pixel pitch Vanadium Oxide (VOx) uncooled infrared sensor technology able to support a 5760x2560  @ 30fps array.  Our solution offers superior long-wave infrared (LWIR) detection, and incredible sensitivity for a variety of industrial and government applications Please contact us to learn more..