Achieve safety for customers and peace of mind for staff

Wellcome – the world’s first comprehensive, non-contact, non-invasive digital health check device accurately assesses multiple people at a distance, generating a bottom-line "pass/fail" conclusion and keeping the flow of a protected space running smoothly. Experience a black-box, easily-upgradeable patent pending system that prioritizes anonymity and privacy.


Offices and lobbies

Return to the office confident that your employees and visitors are feeling their best; rely on accurate, multi-person temperature scanning, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygenation checks, and more.

Retail, restaurants, and theaters

Welcome patrons with non-invasive, comprehensive wellness checks as soon as they walk in. Wellcome's indoor/outdoor, mount-anywhere design makes the process easy and discrete. Enjoy full features and functionality with an effective range of 14 feet.

Schools & school nurses' offices

Protect students, teachers, and administrators by simultaneously monitoring the vital signs of multiple people entering school premises. Wellcome also proves immensely helpful as a preventative measure during cold and flu season.


Wellcome helps you protect all the moving people and parts in your factory or warehouse through comprehensive, non-invasive health monitoring. With countless shared surfaces and work areas, make sure your employees remain healthy and safe.

Detailed specifications

All specifications are subject to change without advance notice.

  • Monitor up to 12 people at the same time.
  • Capable of in-motion (walking pace) assessment.
  • State-of-the-art facial keypoint detection powered by AI.
  • Temperature measurement range of up to 4m (~14ft).
  • Accuracy of ±0.5°F over the full measurement range.
  • Pinpoint-accuracy blood oxygenation, heart rate, height, weight, and gender estimation.
  • 4.3 inch, 480x272px on-board display
  • Android and iOS app available.
  • HDMI port for external monitor connection.
3D Stereo Vision
  • Accurate distance compensation.
  • Supports installation at various heights.
Beyond Body Temperature
  • Detects whether a person is perspiring.
  • Compensates for ambient humidity.
  • If a body temperature reading is too low or too high, a flashstrobe is activated to determine perspiration. Infrared pulse oximetry assesses heart rate and blood oxygenation.
Mechanical Specs
  • 105.5 x 122.4 x 60 mm, 4 x 4 3⁄4 x 2 1⁄4 inches.
  • 1⁄4 inch camera mount (compatible with most tripods).
  • Fits most iPad Mini mounts.
  • Water-resistant IP67-rated casing.
  • Ethernet (RJ45 jack).
  • Wi-Fi 802.11ac.
  • 50W power supply.
  • 120V AC power adapter (included).
Integrated Blackbody
  • Includes internal Blackbody, for reference.
All-in-one Kit Includes
  • Camera, countertop mount, Wi-Fi dongle, HDMI cable, power cord.

Need more power?
Meet Wellcome Pro.

The first line of defense for every business looking to safely reopen and any facility seeking unparalleled, cost-efficient queue and resource management.

An edition of Wellcome with ever more powerful AI capabilities, offering absolutely unrivaled insights and wellness analysis.

Unmatched sensor technology and AI-driven analytics
Enhanced health insight triangulation
Indoor and outdoor operation
Accurate assessment of temperature, perspiration, height, age, weight, and gender
Individuals processed at a time
Up to 12
Added capabilities through future software updates
Suggested retail price

Frequently Asked Questions


Can Wellcome be installed outdoors?

Wellcome comes with an IP-67-rated casing, meaning it can be safely used outdoors.


How accurate are Wellcome’s temperature readings?

Wellcome measures body temperatures to within 0.5°F.


From how far away can Wellcome detect people and read their temperatures; heart rates; blood oxygenation levels?

Wellcome is designed to capture readings from up to 14 ft away.


Can I turn off Wellcome’s age/weight detection?

Yes, Wellcome’s age and weight detection feature can be turned off. Please be aware that this reduces the number of parameters contributing to the overall health assessment made and may impact its accuracy.


Can I customize the follow-up URL survey questions? How?

Yes. The URL survey questions are completely customizable.


Can I connect to Wellcome via a secure Wi-Fi connection?

Yes. Wellcome supports Wi-Fi authentication.


Does Wellcome work with face masks?

Yes. Wellcome can detect the temperature of a person wearing a face mask over their mouth and nose. Please be aware, however, that FDA guidelines recommend removing a face mask when taking a temperature reading.


How does a face mask affect Wellcome's perspiration detection? 

Wellcome detects reflectivity of any uncovered facial skin surface, so wearing a mask will not affect measurements taken.


Is there an archive or database of readings recorded by Wellcome?

Yes, Wellcome archives its readings in the Wellcome Cloud. Access to this data is strictly controlled by HIPA rules, per customer compliance. 


Can a custom message be displayed on Wellcome's frontal screen?

Yes. The front-facing Wellcome screen message can be easily customized. 


Can I upload a company face database into Wellcome?

Wellcome can recall historically scanned faces for subsequent labeling, or facial images can be pre-loaded. Either way, facial comparisons happen in the Wellcome Cloud. 


Are there onboard relays that can be activated based on reading results?

This function is currently under investigation/development.


How does Wellcome protect individual privacy?

While Wellcome combines temperature, perspiration, blood oxygenation, height, weight, age, and gender parameters to generate an overall health (or alert) signal, the details of the measurements are never publicly displayed.


Can Wellcome notify me if facemasks are not being worn by monitored individuals? Can this setting be configured?

Yes. Wellcome can be configured to send a warning signal if a face mask policy is in violation.


Will Welcome help protect people against the next pandemic(s), beyond COVID?

Wellcome has been designed to assess health parameters regardless of specific illness symptoms. For example, when annual flu spikes cause symptoms including feverish temperatures, Wellcome can detect abnormal biometric markers and protect your facility from the spread of disease.