8K Vision System

Closeview is the world’s first 8K integrated AI vision platform leveraging Epilog's patented optical processing technology. Closeview is designed to reduce the cost and complexity of large-area coverage and situational awareness such as in parking lots, airports, campuses, generally protecting high value assets. Closeview integrates  secure, advanced programmable AI, designed and made in USA.

Remote Monitoring

Closeview is a superior replacement for robotic or mechanical monitoring options, such as traditional PTZ systems, drones, and rovers.  Closeview offers low acquisition cost, simple installation and operating costs with unmatched optical power and edge-based AI analysis. Maximized resolution and a thermal imaging option make the detection of multiple moving objects — even at great distances and imperfect viewing conditions — intelligible and actionable. Please contact us to learn more.

Queue Managment

Aperis queue management technology makes it possible to quantify queue demand and relay critical information to staff in real time, creating a superior customer experience in many applications. Please contact us to learn more.