Michael Mojaver

Chief Technology Officer, Michael was formerly a particle physicist, studied/worked at UC San Diego, Cornell University, Fermilab and CERN (Switzerland). Michael started other companies prior to Epilog, the last one went public (NIO, now trading as GIG:OSLO). Current main areas of interest include, artificial intelligence, optics and computer vision.

Lance Mojaver

Chief Intelligence Officer, Lance  has more than ten years of experience in Artificial Intelligence, real-time software and embedded vision systems.  Lance is passionate about creating cutting-edge vision solutions for robotic and consumer use cases. His most recent area of research interest is creating structured 3D data and biometrics AI models.

Marc Munford

Chief Business Officer, learned to evangelize breakthrough technology when he was a software engineer early in his career working for Steve Jobs at NeXT. Marc has extensive experience with Silicon Valley startups, working at Epilog, was co-founder of NetDrive,  Visto/Good Technology.

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